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Tableware: Three Maisons with a unique know-how: Haviland, Royale de Champagne, and Europ Felix submerge us in the world of Tableware. As strong symbols of the French art of living, these three Maisons offer us a new look on the art of hosting: a moment for sharing, a memory for children and adults alike. Haviland, Royale de Champagne and Europ Felix invite themselves into your home for even more surprising decoration ideas. Whether of porcelain, crystal, or silverware, the art of the table is narrated like a play.

Haviland: Craftsmen of flames, the men and women of the Haviland manufacturer work with materials as if they were storytellers. Since 1842, they have been giving kaolin its nobility with their in-house techniques. Through their incredible passion, passed down from generation to generation, they narrate beautiful stories from simple white pieces, whose skillfully sketched shapes are as much of a pleasure to the eyes as they are to listen and to touch. Before receiving the prestigious backstamp Haviland Limoges France, the material will undergo the test of fire, at a temperature of 1,400 degrees Celsius. The enameling gives it an exceptional shine and a translucent appearance. Then, with a brush in hand, the craftsmen skilled in gold and pigments will bring to life the imagination of the greatest artists, with an unparalleled know-how which they hold secret. Haviland is one of the last porcelain manufacturers in France to produce its porcelain entirely in Limoges, from the manufacturing to the decoration of its services.

Royal de Champagne: Founded in 1678 under the reign of Louis XIV, the Royale de Champagne crystal manufacturer was the official supplier to the Royal Court until 1727. From Jean Baptiste Mazzolay artisan glassmaker and founder of the crystal factory, to present day, the Maison specializes in tableware and decorative objects. Royale de Champagne offers a wide range of crystal pieces for the table, bar and decorative objects made in the respect of tradition. Glasses, flutes, carafes, tumblers and decorative objects make this manufacturer an emblem of the French art of living.

Europ Felix: Created in 1875 by Donatien and Cyprien Felix, this silversmith workshop continues to produce exceptional products. A true tailor-made atelier, Europ Félix is today a synonym for pieces of excellence. The age-old craft and techniques are recognized by the greatest restaurants, hotels, princely palaces, and embassies around the world. From cutlery to silverware, Europ Felix is more than a name. It is a signature that has become over time, a symbol of quality.



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